We visualize the outsourcing as a management strategy to obtain competitive advantages and operational excellence, as well as optimizing the structure of costs.

By means of our services, we can help maintain the strategic focus, improve the capacity and accomplishment of objectives, taking care of the processes of Accountancy, Finance, Back Office and Human Resources.

Payroll Processes

Both, the Payroll and Private Payroll for Executives, as well as the integral process of payments to employees, have a confidential element and the adaptation to the requirements of the firm. We attend to both the administration of contracts and benefits, including the control of vacations, calculations of allowances, amongst others.

Bookkeeping Processes

Our Accounting process is a useful instrument in the making of decisions, accurate to represent your business and powerful in order to adapt to the conditions and challenges your organization faces. We can manage the different processes involved, such as the centralizing of bookkeeping, taxes and elaborating financial reviews, in accordance to local and international requirements.

We can take charge from the start of your activities, to the preparing of Financial, Accounting and management reports, assuring you of complying with all norms and regulations.

Administration Processes (Back Office)

We can assume the responsibility for the processes of payables and receivables which, added to the Treasury management, administration support and data processing, allow your company an exclusive view of the main areas of your business, leaving administration responsibility in the hands of professionals.