DTT Cyprus SetupAudit & Assurance

Most of our team members have wide experience working at Big ­Four Accounting Firms in UK and Cyprus as well as triple A rated Banks.  The services we usually provide in this are the following:

  • Internal Audits / Sarbanex Oaxley Compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions (Due Diligence)
  • Audits on budgets and projected financial statements
  • IT and Business Risk Management
  • Assistance on technical Accounting information and Reporting under IFRS (former IAS)

DTT Cyprus Setup
Tax Services

We gained broad experience in the tax field assisting our clients with their regular tax filings as well as providing advice with the aim of reducing the corporation tax cost through a tax planning analysis.

Our Firm has been involved with major US, Canadian, Swedish and UK listed companies in defining their most advantageous planning. The experience gained over the years is next to none especially on the industries involved were from Oil and Gas Sector and General Trading. We look at our clients on a case by case basis thus ensuring we get it right from the start as we believe this is the most crucial factor in the planning process.

DTT Cyprus Setup

Offering outsourcing services, we concentrate on our clients needs, so that they can concentrate on the strategic aspects and in the most important matters of their businesses.

We visualize the outsourcing as a management strategy to obtain competitive advantages and operational excellence, as well as optimizing the structure of costs.

By means of our services, we can help maintain the strategic focus, improve the capacity and accomplishment of objectives, taking care of the processes of Accountancy, Finance, Back Office and Human Resources.

Bookkeeping Processes

Your Accounting process is a useful instrument in the making of decisions, accurate to represent your business and powerful in order to adapt to the conditions and challenges your organization faces. We can manage the different processes involved, such as the centralizing of bookkeeping, taxes and elaborating financial reviews, in accordance to local and international requirements.

We can take charge from the start of your activities, to the preparing of Financial, Accounting and management reports, assuring you of complying with all norms and regulations.

Payroll Processes

Both, the Payroll and Private Payroll for Executives, as well as the integral process of payments to employees, have a confidential element and the adaptation to the requirements of the firm. We attend to both the administration of contracts and benefits, including the control of vacations, calculations of allowances, amongst others.

Administration Processes (Back Office)

We can assume the responsibility for the processes of payables and receivables which, added to the Treasury management, administration support and data processing, allow your company an exclusive view of the main areas of your business, leaving administration responsibility in the hands of professionals.

DTT Cyprus Setup

Financial projections and support at start up

We can help you in the areas such as market study, project viability, strategic marketing, partnerships, drawing up of statute and contracts and whatever is necessary for setting up your business Worldwide.

Financial analysis so as to the effects of obtaining substantial improvements in company business.

We assist our clients in the development of business models identifying key factors and the normal risk regards the project.


We offer guidance in restructuring in order to maximize the value of the business, assisting in the restructure plan and implementation of the same. This includes negotiation with creditors and evaluation of financial aspects, accountancy, taxes and legal matters.

Evaluation and designing of main processes of business and supporting business operations process

We offer guidance concerning the best administrative practices which can be applied to your business through an extensive analysis of your business, your expectations, computer systems, organizational structures and the identification and analysis of the main processes for development of the business. We have the knowledge concerning the “Best Practices” applied in various companies belonging to a variety of industries. Such knowledge can be applied to your business allowing you substantial improvement in operational efficiency and consequently better income and competitively.

Mergers and acquisitions

We offer our clients advise on the main aspects of each transaction (find a strategic and/or financing partner, look for investors, buy and sale of companies and or businesses units, mergers, divisions, privatizing, leverage acquisitions, etc). Our multidisciplinary team offers integral solutions to all complex problems which appear in these transactions.

IT Solutions

Systems Integration and Consulting

  • Provide turnkey solutions to client requirements
  • Offer project management services
  • Integrate hardware with software solutions
  • Offer consulting services with regards to:
  • Client IT needs
  • Network solutions
  • Security

Total Solution Providers

Our services extend over the entire process, from the systems analysis to software development stage and implementation, including hardware and network integral solutions as well as training on human resources.

Human Resources

Recruitment Services

Taking into account the challenges of the new economy, it is essential for the success of the business to have highly qualified personnel which adds value to the business. To such an effect, we contribute by selecting the personnel who adapt best to the reality of the business.

Our recruiting system begins with the search and selection and on to the contracting of the resources necessary, especially bilingual professionals (Spanish-­English) highly qualified and with ample international experience.

Development of human resources ­ Training

We consider the training of personnel belonging to your company as a strategic investment which adds value to your business. Taking into account this objective, we design and implement strategies and training solutions to the needs of each company.

Organizational Structure

Taking into account the expectations and projections of your business, we evaluate and design the organizational structure that best adapts to needs and to the key processes of your business.

Offshore Setup

At Wymering Management LTD we offer you the best professional support, so that you can take advantage of tax and legal advantages that can be provided in the management of businesses offshore. To such an effect, we offer our clients advise and assistance in starting and setting up:

  • Assistance in setting up companies Worldwide
  • Business bank accounts in Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Antigua and Malta
  • Personal bank accounts in Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland, Luxembourg Antigua and Malta